Electronic document management

Beginning in 2016, "DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT" LLC offers its customers to move to electronic data interchange (EDI) using electronic signature.

In accordance with the Federal law of 06.04.2011 N 63‐FZ "On electronic signature" the electronic document signed by a qualified electronic signature, recognized as equivalent to a paper document signed by handwritten signature and stamped.

EDO Your company with "DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT" may include the following documents:

  • Accounts
  • invoices
  • Acts of acceptance – transmission
  • Acts of reconciliation of accounts

In the present "DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENTS" LLC moved to EDO with most of the counterparties.

the Advantages of this method of document circulation are as follows:

  • High-speed delivery of electronic documents (the speed corresponding to the speed of delivery e-mail)
  • excluding the time and labor costs for obtaining these documents (no need to get the documents "at hand" or pick up at the post office)
  • Integration of EDO in the software package 1C, etc. (automation in accounting)
  • Reporting to state agencies FNS, etc. in electronic form

"DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENTS" LLC has partnered with the following accredited operators EDO Federal level:

* services of the EDO are chargeable.